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The Program

CoachFinder is delighted to offer a unique, all in one service for players who are aspiring to play at the collegiate level. Our program offers an unrivaled opportunity for players through strategic partnerships with industry leading college recruitment software providers and expert mentors in the field of college recruitment. This one stop shop has all basis covered and is sure to give the player the edge needed to attract the attention of college coaches.


How does it work?

CoachFinder partners with Youth Soccer Clubs and High School Soccer Programs and constantly builds strong relationships with College Coaches to ensure the best opportunities are available for our players. Players can also become part of this program as an individual, you do not have to be attached to one of our partner clubs.

The program period is one year and highly recommended for player from ages 14-19. There are 3 program options available to players.

  • Access to college recruitment software
  • Ability to build own profile and upload stats and test scores to be viewed by college coaches
  • CoachFinder College Recruitment assistance to answer any questions and offer technical support

  • Access to recruitment software with an assigned mentor to guide you through and keep your profile updated
  • Monthly check-ins and meetings to set goals and monitor progress
  • Guest speaker sessions and resume building workshops to create the ideal soccer resume
  • Footage will be edited with assistance of mentor to highlight the parts that college coaches need to be seeing
  • Mentor oversees communications between player and coaches and refers player to coaches and programs to player giving the player an advantage over non-referred players
  • Recommended College ID camps and available player brochures for showcase tournament preparation
  • All features from Bronze and Silver
  • Professionally captured video footage by CoachFinder videographer of which is uploaded to the CoachFinder College Recruitment Youtube Channel and shared with college coaches*

*location dependent


Why participate?

The CoachFinder College Recruitment Program is essential for any soccer player aspiring to play at the college soccer level. See below for just a handful of reasons why players choose our program;


The Mentorship

Players at times need to have goals set, they need advising and mentoring through the program and that’s what CoachFinder offers. Our Mentors keep players on track and ensure their profiles are up to date, their footage is edited correctly, and they are making the required connections and communications with the right college coaches. Mentors are always on hand ready to help our players out.



Players can pay anywhere from $360-1000 a year simply for a software subscription. Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer an industry leading software within our program at a much more value based price point.  Our program offers so much more than just an subscription but the personalized aspect that players will benefit from so much more, and all for a price that cannot be beaten.


All Bases Covered

Where else can you have your games professionally captured and uploaded, edit your footage, build an elite profile, match your soccer aspirations with the right academic programs, attend workshops and hear from guest speakers, and have a mentor thought the entire process to keep you on track?


How to register

Please complete our request to join program form below. We will reach out to you within 48 hours to set up your registration.

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