GKPRO Summer 2018

Dates: Begins 7/9, runs for 4 weeks Monday/Wednesdays
Time: Advanced 1:30-3pm, Beginner 3-4:30pm
Location: Lombard Commons (Corner of St Charles and S Grace), 433 E St Charles road, Lombard, 60148

Description: The GKPRO program is designed to inspire players to play in one of the most challenging positions on the field. The program will provide top level instruction by certified training staff with extensive experience as playing and teaching goalkeepers. From beginner to advanced the GKPRO program will run with small coach to player ratios and provide a safe, yet challenging and rewarding program for all aspiring GK’s. Our program is broken down to ability group versus simply age groups;

GKPRO Beginner (U7-U16):

This beginner program looks to teach the basics of the GK position. Goalkeepers who are new to the position will tend to start the Beginner Goalkeeper program.  Also, players that need more time to adjust to this position may choose to continue to follow this program more than once. From position specific footwork to handling the Goalkeeper Pro, Beginner  Coach will lead Goalkeeper's through a fun, but action filled session. Coached by our ODP Head Goalkeeping specialist, James Van Artsdalen.

GKPRO Intermediate (U9-U19):

For GK’s who have been in the net and in training for more than a year and have the basics to a consistent level (handling, footwork etc). Once these players have this foundation of GK understanding and technique this program now goes further than the basics requirements of the position, looking to install natural and correct habits within the GK to provide a pathway into the advanced program.

GKPRO Advanced (U12-U19)

This program is designed for players of which have a solid understanding of the position and can perform the majority of the position requirements to a high, constant level. These sessions require added attention to detail and have a higher demand placed upon the players, thus there is a required ability level to take part in this program. This program is designed for full time GK’s and those players playing at the Club and High School level, and aspiring to play college soccer.
*All programs are designed and led by the GKPRO Technical Director and ODP Head Goalkeeping specialist, James Van Artsdalen.